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Our Staff

  • Andrea Byrum

    Andrea Byrum

    Co-Director, Center for Global Education; Director, Global Studies


  • Sara Friar

    Sara Friar

    Co-Director, Center for Global Education; Director, Study Abroad & International Student Services


  • Hannah Lloyd

    Hannah Lloyd

    Study Abroad Advisor & Program Assistant



Rami Alharbi

CGE International Graduate Assistant

Rami is a graduate assistant at the Center for Global Education. He writes about Intercultural Communication and Cultural Identity.


Emily Armstrong

CGE Peer Advisor

Emily is currently majoring in Education and International Relations at Edgewood. She recently studied abroad in Plymouth, England for the spring 2016 semester through ISEP exchange. 


Dani Shavitz

CGE Graphic Designer & Office Assistant


Dani is currently majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Photography at Edgewood. She recently studied abroad in Rome, Italy for the spring 2017 semester through ISA. 





What's Happening


March 12-16 (CGE Open)

Spring Break

March 23

Summmer 2018 Study Abroad Application Deadline / FLP Summer 2018 Form Deadline

March 30 - April 2 (CGE Closed)

Easter Holiday 

April 6

Faculty-Led Program and Scholarship Deadline for Fall 2018 / Winter 2019 Travel (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Cambodia, St. Lucia)

April 13

Pre-Departure Orientation Session 1 (Summer and Fall 2018, Year 2018-2019)

April 20

Pre-Departure Orientation Session 2 (Summer and Fall 2018, Year 2018-2019)

April 27

Scholarship Application Deadline (Summer and Fall 2018, Year 2018-2019) 
Spring 2019 Program and Scholarship Application Deadline
Semester Form Deadline  (Summer and Fall 2018, Year 2018-2019)

May 11

Last Day of Class

May 14-18

Final Exams

May 20


May 22 - August 10 (CGE Limited Summer Hours)

Summer Session
*4th of July - CGE Closed

August 15-17

New International Student Orientation 

August 22 4-5pm Nona McGreal

New International Student Welcome Reception

September 3 (CGE Closed)

Labor Day

September 12 11am-2pm Predolin Terrace 

Study Abroad Fair 

October 1-2  (CGE Open)

Fall Break 

October  12

Pre-Departure Orientation Session 1: Spring 2019 Students

October  19

Faculty-Led Program Form Deadline (Winter 2019 Travel)

October  26

Pre-Departure Orientation Session 2: Spring 2019 Students

November 2

Faculty-Led Program and Scholarship Application Deadline (Spring w/ Spring Break or Summer Travel 2019)
Study Abroad Form Deadline: Spring 2019 

November 5 -9 (Events Announced in Sept)

International Education Week 

November 22-25 (CGE Closed)

Thanksgiving Break

December 10-14

Final Exams

December 24 - Jan 1 (CGE Closed)

Christmas Holiday