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International Club

Purpose and goals of the association:

  • Share cultural experiences with the Edgewood College community
  • Engage the EC community in discussion and reflection on international issues. 
  • Create an interactive environment for both international and U.S. American students, as well as faculty and staff in the EC community
  • Facilitate cultural, social, educational and community service programming 
  • Celebrate diversity


The International Club is open to all members of the Edgewood College community. Anyone may join by coming to a meeting, signing up in the Center for Global Education, or emailing Breanna Weiss! 


The International Club organizes a variety of activities each semester such as: -International Food Day -International movies -Excursions to area points of interest -Cultural performances -Other activities to be determined by current members. The International Club also collaborates with other student organizations to co-sponsor events and programs.

For more information about this club please contact:
Facebook: EdgewoodCollegeInternationalClub
President: Breanna Weiss (
Vice President: Kaya Mondry (
Staff Advisor: Sara Friar (


Muslim Student Association

Purpose and goals of the organization:

  • To share and promote an interest in different cultures and beliefs.
  • To provide assistance to Muslim and other students who need support.
  • To create an integrated community at Edgewood College.

For more information about this organization please contact:
President: Rami Alharbi (
Staff Advisor: Sara Friar (


Chinese Student and Scholar Association

Purpose and goals of the association:

  • To promote social, intellectual, and cultural activities for Chinese students and scholars.
  • To serve the interests of the Chinese students and scholars by hosting events in culture, entertainment, academics and communication.
  • To act as a liaison for its member with other students, educators, administrators and local community members.
  • To educate all members of the Edgewood College community on the aspects of Chinese culture.

For more information about this association please contact:
President: TBD 
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Binbin Fu (

What's Happening

Pre-Departure Orientation Session 1: Spring 2019 Students

November 1

Faculty-Led Program and Scholarship Application Deadline (Spring w/ Spring Break or Summer Travel 2019)
Study Abroad Form Deadline: Spring 2019 

November  2

Pre-Departure Orientation Session 2: Spring 2019 Students

November 5 -9 (Events Announced in Sept)

International Education Week 

November 22-25 (CGE Closed)

Thanksgiving Break

December 10-14

Final Exams

December 24 - Jan 1 (CGE Closed)

Final Exams

January 25 

CGE Study Abroad Program Application Deadline: Fall 2019 and Academic Year 19-20