How do I get my textbooks?
Go online to the Edgewood College Bookstore to order your books, or go to the bookstore located at 121 De Ricci Hall. You can also compare Edgewood College Bookstore prices with outside venders by using the comparison site listed below. Textbooks will be available for purchase approximately 3 weeks before each semester begins.

What do I need to purchase my books?
To make finding the textbooks you need as simple as possible, bring your student ID and class schedule to the Bookstore along with either cash or credit/debit card to purchase your books.
Edgewood College Bookstore Comparison Shopping: link

Why should I go to this comparison shopping site?
This site gives you access to online book retailers that sell and rent textbooks (Amazon,, etc.). It compares the EDGEWOOD COLLEGE BOOKSTORE prices side by side with the online retailers so you can see what the best price is for the textbook you want to purchase. If you decide to purchase from an online retailer or from the bookstore you will be able to do so from this one site simply by clicking on the retailer that offers the best price. There is no need to go from site to site trying to scope out the best price—this website does that for you. Using the Edgewood College Bookstore Comparison Shopping site will save you time and money.

Should I rent or buy my books?
Rental is almost always the most affordable option for obtaining your textbooks. By going to Verba Compare you will be able to see what books Edgewood has for rent and compare their rental prices to other on-line retailers who rent textbooks.

Can I sell my books back at the end of the semester?
The Edgewood College Bookstore offers textbook buyback at the end of the first and second semesters during finals week. This is a great option for books you can’t rent or decided not to rent.

Is there a problem with buying my textbooks from online retailers?
There can be. Online retailers don’t guarantee supplementary materials like access codes that you might need for your course. In addition, you need to wait to get the book shipped to you and this can be problematic with Amazon Marketplace orders. Also, books do change from time to time so what you order on-line might not end up being the correct book for the class you are taking. If you purchase the book from the Edgewood College Bookstore you will be able to return the book for a full refund if the book changes for any reason. Please understand that the bookstore cannot accept returns from online retailers.

Can I return the book to the Edgewood College Bookstore if I buy or rent a textbook and then drop the class or change my schedule?
You may return any book for any reason to the bookstore up to a week after classes begin. Books must be in new condition and have no writing, bent corners or show any signs of wear.

The Edgewood College Bookstore website has a complete listing of all textbooks, including ones that can be rented in the store. In addition, you can purchase Edgewood clothing or Insignia items directly from the website. Remember, the Edgewood College Bookstore is here to help you get the materials you need at the best prices possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit the Store at 121 DeRicci Hall or call 608-663-2213.