Academic Policies and Grading System


Academic Policies

Each year the College publishes an Edgewood College Catalog, which contains information about student services, academic policies, the grading system, requirements for academic majors, and much more.  All students should carefully read the sections of the Catalog that pertain to them.  You are responsible for knowing this information. If you have questions, please ask your academic advisor or the Center for Global Education staff for assistance.  

Another document that is published each year is Course Descriptions. This document contains descriptions for every course offered at Edgewood College.  

You can find both of these documents online at: 


Grading System

The quality of a student’s work is expressed in grades and grade points. The scale is:
A       4.0 grade points/credit hour 
AB     3.5 grade points/credit hour 
B       3.0 grade points/credit hour 
BC     2.5 grade points/credit hour 
C       2.0 grade points/credit hour 
CD     1.5 grade points/credit hour 
D       1.0 grade points/credit hour 
F        0.0 grade points/credit hour 
F*      Failure in Pass/Fail course
P        Pass in a Pass/Fail course (equivalent of D or better)
I        Incomplete (a temporary grade; must be changed to a letter grade)
NR     Not reported by instructor

Your grades will be posted on Edgewood Express the end of each semester.

You can calculate your semester or cumulative (throughout your entire Edgewood career) Grade Point Average (GPA) by using the GPA Calculator. This tool allows you to enter possible grades for your current classes to predict your semester and cumulative GPA at any point during the semester.

For more information about the grading system at Edgewood College, refer to the Edgewood College Catalog.