Course Registration and Academic Advisors

All undergraduate and graduate students at Edgewood College are assigned an academic advisor upon acceptance to the college. 
Academic advisors educate, mentor, and work in partnership with students to realistically assess their academic progress and make informed decisions as they develop and implement their academic and professional plans.

How to Register for Courses?

Every undergraduate student at Edgewood selects courses for the next semester with the assistance of her/his academic advisor. Three weeks before registration begins, students receive an email from Edgewood Central with the date and time they may register. Before your registration date, you must meet with your academic advisor to discuss your course selection. After this meeting, your advisor will release your registration hold and you will be able to register online by using Edgewood Express. Students typically register for the fall semester in April and for the spring semester in November.

Graduate students should consult with their assigned academic advisor regarding their academic plan and course enrollment. 

*For further questions about how many credits to enroll in each semester, visit the full-time student status page.

How Do I Pay For My Courses?

All fees can be paid online via Edgewood Express or in-person at Edgewood Central. For more information about course registration and paying your fees, please contact Edgewood Central.

What's Happening

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November 1

Faculty-Led Program and Scholarship Application Deadline (Spring w/ Spring Break or Summer Travel 2019)
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November  2

Pre-Departure Orientation Session 2: Spring 2019 Students

November 5 -9 (Events Announced in Sept)

International Education Week 

November 22-25 (CGE Closed)

Thanksgiving Break

December 10-14

Final Exams

December 24 - Jan 1 (CGE Closed)

Final Exams

January 25 

CGE Study Abroad Program Application Deadline: Fall 2019 and Academic Year 19-20