Emergency Care

If you are faced with an emergency situation such as a fire, an accident that requires immediate medical attention or someone is attempting to break into your apartment or neighbor’s apartment, find the nearest phone and dial: 911

If the emergency is a medical condition involving uncontrolled bleeding, injury to limbs or internal organs, inability to breathe, or other LIFE THREATENING CONDITIONS, the best place to receive care is a hospital Emergency Room (ER).

If you need to see a doctor right away but the situation is NOT life threatening, an Urgent or Immediate Care Center should be your destination. As with any medical appointment, be sure to bring your insurance card. You will be responsible for paying any part of the bill not covered by insurance. Also bring any medications you are currently using, and details of any relevant medical history.

For a list of Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Centers that are part of the WPS Insurance network, see the “How to find a Tier 1 Provider/Facility” section on the WPS Health Insurance page of the CGE website.