Study Abroad Faculty-Led Program Development


Program Proposal Information

The Center for Global Education would like to share with you our deadlines and resources for faculty interested in offering new and existing study abroad courses for the 2019-2020 academic year.  The development timeline is typically a minimum of one year in advance of offering the course. The deadlines were established to align with the following: time needed to develop a short-term study abroad program, study abroad scholarship application deadlines, and course registration dates for students.

No later than September 10, 2018   
(Please note that starting in the 2018-2019 academic year, there will only be one deadline per academic year for submitting study abroad course proposals.)

  • New study abroad courses that will run in the fall 2019 semester (with winter 2020 travel) AND spring 2020 (with spring or summer 2020 travel)– faculty should submit a study abroad program proposal to the Center for Global Education.
  • Existing study abroad courses that will run in fall 2019 semester (with winter 2020 travel) AND spring 2020 (with spring or summer 2020 travel)– faculty should notify the Center for Global Education of their plans to run their program.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss study abroad program development ideas, please contact the Center for Global Education Co-Director: 
Sara Friar  

 You can find the Program Director Handbook on Short-Term Study Abroad, the program proposal form, and many other resources to help faculty develop study abroad programs below. Please note that the study abroad program proposal process is separate from the general education course development cycle.

Program Director Handbook on Short-Term Study Abroad

A handbook to assist faculty and staff Program Directors in designing and implementing short-term study abroad programs.

Program Director Handbook on Short-Term Study Abroad 


A) PD Checklist
B) Program Proposal Form
C) Budget Worksheet 
D) Budget Checklist 
E) Logistics and Itinerary Planning Checklist 
F) Study Abroad Application Template
G) Acceptance of Responsibilities Statement- includes payment schedule, withdrawal and dismissal information (sample) 
H) Program Participant Roster 
I ) Program Brochure (sample) 
J) Study Abroad Code of Conduct & Responsibilities Waiver
K) Incident Report Form 
L) Participant Program Evaluation Form: Hardcopy Template / Online Template
M) Program Director AbroadOffice Instructions
N) Promoting an AO Program
O) Program Director Itinerary Template 

What's Happening

October 31, 2019

Faculty-Led Program and Scholarship Application Deadline (Spring w/ Spring Break or Summer Travel 2019)

November 17-23 

International Education Week 

November 28-December 2, 2019  (CGE Closed)

Thanksgiving Break

December 9-13

Final Exams

December 23 - Jan 1 (CGE Closed)

Christmas/New Years College Closed