Types of Identification in the U.S.



On a daily basis during your time in Madison, you should carry a form of identification (ID) other than your passport. The IDs described below are typically easier to replace than your passport. Many different services in Madison require you to present a valid ID; for example, any banking transaction requires an ID card, and many stores need to see an ID when you pay with personal checks. In addition, it is important to always have your ID card with you in case of an accident or if an authority requests it.

Edgewood College ID

To obtain an Edgewood College ID card, go to the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) located in DeRicci 104. This document not only identifies you as an Edgewood student, but also may be used as a debit card in the Phil’s Cafeteria, Wingra Café, the campus bookstore and copy machines in the library. In order to use it as a debit card, make a cash payment to Edgewood Central and the dollar amount of the cash payment will be transferred onto your Edgewood College ID. You will keep the same Edgewood ID throughout your studies at Edgewood.

Wisconsin ID

To obtain a Wisconsin ID, you need to go to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT). Remember to bring your passport and Social Security card, if you have one. If you do not have a Social Security card, you need a letter that explains why you do not have one. Request this letter in the Center for Global Education. You will also be required to provide one of the following: a paycheck or stub with your name, your Wisconsin address and your employer’s address, a utility bill that is at least 30 days old, a statement from a Wisconsin bank that is at least 30 days old or a certified school transcript. For more information, please see the DOT website.

Wisconsin Driver’s License

For information about a Wisconsin Driver’s License, please read the Getting a Driver’s License in the US section of the International Student Handbook.

Interested in obtaining a Wisconsin driver’s license or state identification card? Visit the Department Of Transportation (DOT) located at 4802 Sheboygan Avenue, Madison, WI 53705 (608) 266-2325